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If you are interested in becoming a client, a partner, or an employee - please contact us. We believe that marketing information and competitive intelligence should be Client-based. We partner with agencies and other technology providers that share our mission.

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MediaHound Development, Inc. does not sell or disclose information about our users, subscribers, or customers. We do not sell advertising on our site. MediaHound Development, Inc. collects information from users to help us understand who is using our site and why, improving future products and services. MediaHound Development, Inc. also monitors subscribers to ensure compliance with our Terms of Use, including tracking IP addresses used to access accounts, when accounts are accessed, and how many documents are accessed. MediaHound Development, Inc. is dedicated to protecting privacy and takes all reasonable steps to ensure users' privacy. We do not disclose user information unless disclosure is required by law. If you have questions about our privacy policy, or wish to update information you have provided, please contact us.

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