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Buzz is the part of marketing you always wish you had more time for. Knowing what the analysts are up to can take you from reacting into acting. Monitoring which magazines they are quoted in and which other companies they are mentioning is an essential part of this knowledge. Blogs are an ever increasing source of information, which ones should you be paying attention to, and which ones are being paid attention to by the media.

For the sharpest marketing minds it becomes clear that marketing and PR are not about how many times your company’s name comes up in searches, but rather who is referencing you and what they are saying. If they are talking about your industry and not you, you need the knowledge to take action.

MediaHound gathers content from around the world, tracking analyst mentions and business blogs. We filter, evaluate and quantify the information so you don’t have to. We then store and interlink the data so you can dynamically research it at your convenience.

The MediaHound difference:

  • Filtered Blogs
  • Analyst Tracking
  • Dynamic Web Based Dashboard
  • Competitive Metrics at your Fingertips
  • Daily and Weekly Alerts
  • Blog Author Research
  • Type of Mention
  • Tonality
  • Who Else was Mentioned
  • Missed Opportunities

Buzz Metrics from MediaHound is a powerful tool for tracking you and your competitors, but when combined with our other tools for publicity, advertising and events you can get a complete picture of your company’s position and what you can do to improve it.

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