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The cost of attending events is rising. Are you relying on anything stronger than your sales people’s recommendations as to which events to attend? Do you only analyze the event details after you have been there?

Event Analytics can be more than the marketing department surveying the handouts and maps brought back by the sales team. You need to know how much you are spending per person in attendance. You need to know which of your competitors were there and how much they are spending. You need to know about sponsorship opportunities, if your competition is taking them and if you need to be.

MediaHound gathers statistics from events and tradeshows around the world. We filter and quantify the information so you don’t have to. We then store and interlink the data so you can dynamically research it at your convenience.

The MediaHound difference:

  • Filtered Event Attendance and Sponsorship
  • Dynamic Web Based Dashboard
  • Competitive Metrics at Your Fingertips
  • Daily and Weekly Alerts

Event Metrics from MediaHound is a powerful tool for tracking you and your competitors, but when combined with our other tools for publicity and advertising you can get a complete picture of your company’s position and what you can do to improve it.


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