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Traditionally publicity tracking was little more than a pair of scissors and some paste. Articles were gathered in a clip book and then presented to senior executives. There was little regard as to how many people read it, who wrote it or what the relative value was. Even more importantly, there was no way to see how you stacked up against the competition or dig deeper to see the larger opportunities.

Then came the internet and countless new sources of data. That was followed by new services that supply you with everything that might be related to your company. It became a numbers game, the higher the count - the better. The problem inherent with this is volume and usability. These services do not parse out duplicates and unusable content, tell you what kind of coverage it was, or log and track it for future use.

MediaHound takes a different approach. We do it all for you by gathering print articles, web articles and press releases from around the world. We filter, evaluate and quantify the information so you don’t have to. We then store and interlink them so you can dynamically research the data at your convenience.

The MediaHound difference:

  • Filtered Print and Web Articles
  • Dynamic Web Based Dashboard
  • Competitive Metrics at Your Fingertips
  • Daily and Weekly Alerts
  • Publication Research
  • Author Research
  • Type of Article
  • Article Tonality
  • Article Valuation
  • Who Else Was Mentioned
  • Missed Opportunities

Publicity Metrics from MediaHound is a powerful tool for tracking your brand and your competitors’, but when combined with our other tools for advertising and events you can get a complete picture of your company’s position and what you can do to improve it.

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